Let's Get Organized - Part 2

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Let's Get Organized - Part 2

Jeanne Moss

Are you suffering from RBPU (red box pile up), or do you get those Paper Pumpkin projects done right away?  Last week, I highlighted an article on organizing your dies.  I thought it would be good to continue with another organizing idea this week. 

You can get all those Paper Pumpkin stamp sets in stamp cases and organized using the following link.  It has Stamp Case Inserts for all of the Paper Pumpkin kits, since the birth of Paper Pumpkin back in March 2013.  Wow!  Can you believe Paper Pumpkin has been around that long?  It will soon be five years old!  You'll also find the Cover Art and Ink Spot Colors listed here.  Check it out!

Jeanne Moss, Business Article Librarian