Last chance to join the Orlando Sudsol Card Front Swap

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Last chance to join the Orlando Sudsol Card Front Swap

Blythe Klipple

Please excuse the ‘format’ of today’s email.  My original version is hiding from me.

This is the last weekly post to the entire Sudsol membership.  Starting next Monday, October 15th, update emails will only be sent to swap participants.

*********Currently there are three groups totaling 75 participants.  Divided by 3 would place 25 participants in each group.  I’m guessing that the final total will be no more than 27 participants per group.

When:  Friday, November 9th, 3:45 - First thing during our 4 hour afternoon break.

Where:  Gathering Place or equivalent, back right corner.  When I see the convention center layout I can be more specific.  Please watch for updates once we are in Orlando and know the turf.

  • Card fronts only (save your card stock for classes and workshops).  5-1/2” x 4-1/4” or 4-1/4” x 5-1/2”   If your card design works best with or requires a full card front then GO FOR IT!  No worries.
  • Current (2018-2019) Stampin' Up! product.  That means the Annual Catalog and the Holiday Catalog.  Please no Hallowe’en since 2018’s spooky event will be over by the time we swap.
  • Be sure to use layering and embellishments and do your best work.  Clean, sharp, crisp edges.  We want to show off big time!
  • Make your card something you will be proud of as well as something you would love to receive in a swap.
  • PLEASE put your NAME, LOCATION, and EMAIL on the back of your swap card.  Adding your INGREDIENTS/supplies would be wonderful.  Plan ahead so you won't run out of time for creating your cards and putting your information on the backs.  
  • I will post all swap cards in the Sudsol gallery after On Stage but I won’t post details if they aren’t provided, not even colors.  I’m not being a grump—just being practical of my time and energy.
  • Some members place their cards in clear envelopes—not a requirement but it can protect your card.  That choice is totally yours.  
  • Remember--we are trying to gather ideas for workshops and classes so you don't have to go way over the moon to make your fanciest card ever!  :)
  • Each swap group will be for 31 swap cards maximum - plus #32 which is a RAK.  RAKs are cards sent to Sudsol members randomly throughout the year.

If you haven't participated in the past, or if this is your first convention, please please please don't be shy about signing up.  We are friendly.  We're fun.  And your contribution is what it's all about!!!!!  Historically the Sudsol swap is THE BEST SWAP AT CONVENTION, but it's nothing without you.  

How many cards you ask?  Depends upon how many sign up.  There will definitely be no more than 32 cards per group!  I have no idea how many will be attending or how many will be signing up at this point.  But……I will limit GROUPS to no more than 32 participants per group.  (Why 32?  It’s divisible by 4 - like 4 card fronts per 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock.)  

You may sign up for more than one group.  Just tell me you’d be interested in more than one group when you sign up.

At this point (October 8th) we have two full groups and 11 in group 3.  When signups close on October 14 I will equalized the 3 groups so that no group is creating more than 32 cards.  If you end up making extra cards (I know I have), you can use them for general swapping.  

Sign ups will be closed on October 14th to allow you just enough time to get your product ordered and cards made.  I’d suggest signing up sooner if you’re leaning in that direction.  The posting on October 15th will be to participants only, no more mailing to all Sudsol inboxes.  

  • I'll post the list of those already signed up for the swap from now until “D” day in Orlando on Mondays.
    • You are listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY FIRST NAME. Please check to see that I’ve spelled your name correctly.  Also, please check to see that I have your email written correctly since I’ll be sending email to participants only starting October 15th.
    • Please send me your mobile number if you have one so I can contact you (text) when in Orlando.  That would be to let you know the ‘exact location’ of our gathering.
    • Be sure to check all three lists for your name.  
    • If your name has two asterisks ** behind it, that indicates to me that you’ve requested two groups and I’ve placed you in those 2 groups.  Three *** means you’re in three groups. 

I am available for questions or concerns.   If I've forgotten anything, shout it out.  I'll add it to my update.  

I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting you in Orlando.  

If you can’t read the screenshots below, let me know.  I’ll find another way to send the list to you.

Save this important info:   209-352-1059 (mobile)  (smile now)

True confession time:  ALL of my swap cards are done.  I’ve made extras.  


Questions?  Concerns?  Comments?  Please ask.  

Happy stamping every one.  You can still join the swap, one, two or three groups!