Last chance sign ups for All About Classes Training! SUDSOL discount

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Last chance sign ups for All About Classes Training! SUDSOL discount

We start tomorrow! Be sure to register today!

Classes are the backbone of most of our businesses! Learn ALL about making them better!  How to schedule, what to offer, increasing attendance, and offering them online. This one series will cover over 3 hours of training, including videos to "show" you! If you want classes that give you new customers, new recruits, profit and SALES, then this is for you!

We'll do a teleconference call each week for three weeks. I will also provide a handbook for you to follow along. The last week will cover how to offer classes online.

My goal is to help you structure classes that will give you not only profit, cash, but also sales and future recruits. We'll talk about how to help increase attendance at your classes, and just basic structuring.

We'll start on November 15th at 1:00 EST and have 1 call each week until November 29th. Each training will be an hour long, jam packed full of information, and will also be RECORDED, so you can listen when it works best for you. Each recording is available for one year after the live call.

SUDSOL discount! You get 5.00 off! 24.99 for all three weeks! Use the discount code: SUDSOL Cost: 29.99 for all three weeks, plus a handbook to follow along with. Samples included.


Creating Success has been teaching and motivating thousands of demonstrators for over 8 years...see why we continue to prosper and grow today!

Looking forward to helping you grow your classes!
Stamped Blessings,
Ronda Wade
Creating Success with Ronda Wade