Ideas for Craft Fair Set Up

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Ideas for Craft Fair Set Up

Charlotte Lindmeier
Thanks to the demonstrators that shared their ideas this week. This is what makes SUDSOL so great.

Our question this week is:
Do you have any set up tips for craft fairs?  Would you share a few?
First, practice your set up at home with the measurements you have for your space. It's worth the time. Have friends critique, but you have to make decision as to what you do.
 Ask what did well last year
Check out our forums on craft fairs and what sells. It's different for every market.
Have faith in yourself and smile.
1. I’ve found cards sell better when they’re nicely packaged in an acetate box. When I’ve done this with identical packs with different designs on the cards for sale, I’ve put a sample of the card set out on the table. One time I put pictures of the cards inside the back of the box, but people didn’t look there and kept asking what was in the box.

2. If there’s a theme for the fair, my cards and other projects that drew on the theme sold a bit better.  

3. At Holiday fairs, ornaments and gifts sold better than cards.

Charlotte Lindmeier
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