Hex Values 2018 Color Revamp

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Hex Values 2018 Color Revamp

Phyllis Strickland
I need RGB values for Word, so found several online color converters.  I did all the new colors and In Colors I was  missing.  I ran each one on several converters and they all came up with the same RGB./

I was curious to see if the RGB results would match a chart that was based on RGB from My Digital Studio and so far all of them are off.

Does anyone know which would be most reliable?  I assume that since SU provided the current HEX codes, the online converters are more accurate or up-to-date.  But if SU provided the original RGB in Digital Studio it seems like that should be correct.

Any thoughts about which to use.

Early Expresso  SU 80 57 49  versus 82 57 37

Phyllis Strickland