Have a hard time keeping up with posting on your blog?

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Have a hard time keeping up with posting on your blog?

joyce pacer
I hear from many in the business chat that they have a hard time keeping up with their blogs or newsletter post.  Well, join the Blog Co-op.

I have made it a goal to post three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  This evening after class I realized that I forgot to post today.  Due to being in the blog co-op, I rushed to Sudsol and pulled up our post for this month.  Bingo, within fifteen minutes I had the task completed.

Each month, for writing only one post, I have around ten or more great topics ready to post.

So, if you have a problem thinking of what to post or don't have much time, sign up for a topic and write your post.  That may take you a half an hour, but it will save you hours of time.  You have until the 20th. to complete your one post.

This has been a time saver for me.  Or let's face it, sometime we draw a blank on what to post about.  Join now.
Joyce Pacer
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