Ghosting - Technique Spotlight for Week of November 23

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Ghosting - Technique Spotlight for Week of November 23

Jeanne Walsh

04-2020 Ghosting 1 card.jpgThis week’s technique spotlight looks at Ghosting. You can find the directions provided by Cathy Hansen by clicking here.


Each week I will pick a technique. Find samples using this technique or create one yourself and pin to SUDSOL with the coordinating week number.  Pinning to SUDSOL is super easy (instructions are here).  The idea is to have a good selection of samples shared for each week's technique so everyone can benefit from the fantastic ideas.  This week’s PIN ID is STC4820.


What is the WIN part?  Each week I will pick a random pin to reward the person who pinned it with a week of free SUDSOL.  Play every week and have a chance to get your SUDSOL membership totally free!  You get one entry for every new pin you make.  Sorry, re-pinning from items already on SUDSOL does not count. 


Jeanne C Walsh, Technique Coordinator