Do Love Stampin' Folds, 3D, Patterns?

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Do Love Stampin' Folds, 3D, Patterns?

SUDSOL Leadership Board
Do you love patterns?  If so, we need you!  We are looking for a new Patterns Librarian for SUDSOL.

What does the Patterns Librarian do?

- Features a pattern from the SUDSOL website to the list each week.  We have HUNDREDS of patterns on the site to hose from.
- Encourages members to share their patterns with SUDSOL - or to create new samples of existing patterns.
- Monitors the patterns/projects shared on SUDSOL to find new patterns to add to the site (you do not actually add them to the site - we have other helpers that do that).

This position takes about 1-2 hours per week

If you love patterns, this is the job for you!  What a great way to help out SUDSOL *and* get free time added to your membership!

The SUDSOL Leadership Board relies on coordinators to run the various programs on SUDSOL.  Positions are for the most part volunteer positions, but we do thank those volunteers for their efforts with a free membership to SUDSOL.

If you're interested in this position, use the link at the top of this email to email us privately and give us a bit of information about yourself and why you think you'd be a good match for this position.  

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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