Demonstrator Preorder - Important Info Regarding In Color Ink Pads

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Demonstrator Preorder - Important Info Regarding In Color Ink Pads

Jeanne Walsh
From Stampin' Up! Web Site on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Demonstrator Preorder: May 5–June 2, 2020

Preorders are available on demonstrator orders only.

Due to COVID-19-related manufacturing limitations, the 2020–2022 In Color Ink Pads will be unavailable until June 3, 2020. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Preorder limits: one of each non-consumable item (and select consumable items) and two of each select consumable item. Some limits have been adjusted due to inventory restrictions.

Non-consumable items are products that can be used multiple times (e.g., punches and stamps).

Consumable items are products that can be used only once (e.g., ribbon, paper, and sequins).

Project kits are limited to one per demonstrator during the preorder period.

Host items sell for full retail value during the preorder period, which means they cannot be earned. After preorder has ended, Host sets must be earned and cannot be purchased.

Orders are commissionable and must be placed as a demonstrator order.

Per the Demonstrator Policies document, you may post photos of catalog products and projects made with those products, but you may not post photos of catalog pages (excluding the cover) before the catalog is available to all customers on June 3, 2020. Read more policy details here.

2020–2021 Annual Catalog Sample Recipes are currently available in the Print Lab.