Chat room opens in 30 minutes

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Chat room opens in 30 minutes

joyce pacer
  Tonight in the chat room we will discuss ways to conduct our business other that in person workshops and hostess parties.  Please come share ideas that you are doing or have heard of that can help keep our business running smoothly.  The social distancing is forcing us to think in new ways to do business.
Come join us. Come share or listen to keep your business running smoothly.

Chat room will open around 9 PM EST.

If you haven't been here before, come join us, you will find a very friendly group.  We would love for you to share any ideas that you have to keep our customers stamping and buying.

 enter the chat room – visit the SUDSOL site, and click on Community and the menu comes down, click on Chat room.  Or you can visit directly by clicking this link:

The chat room is very friendly! If you are not automatically logged in, feel free to use the Guest option!
Joyce Pacer
Business Chat