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Chat Room Opens in 50 minutes 9 PM EST

joyce pacer
Join us to share ideas for the new Ornate Garden Suite pre-view sale starting April.  With this shut in that we are going through and many people laid off and increasing prices at the grocery stores, we need to discuss how we are going to promote this.  The products are great but for many, money will be tight.

Hi Everyone,
In the chat room we are going to work on a list of techniques D_G for the Techniques A-Z list.  Come help us build our list.
Also, feel free to show off any new projects or cards you have created.

Thanks for all the help on getting the Techniques from A - Z started/  hope you will come back and help us gather ideas on how to keep things going strong for April-June.


 enter the chat room – visit the SUDSOL site, and click on Community and the menu comes down, click on Chat room.  Or you can visit directly by clicking this link:
Joyce Pacer
Business Chat