Business Chat is tonight, Wed. 9PM EST

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Business Chat is tonight, Wed. 9PM EST

joyce pacer
If you want to increase your income and meet new people, don't miss the chat tonight on holding summer camps for children.

Spice up you income this summer with Craft/Stamp Camps for Children!  This is a great way to add to your income as well a meet new people.  Remember, these kids have moms and dads.
I will be sharing with you how to do a kid's camp and provide a service for parents.

Let's meet Wednesday night at 9 PM EST

If you are not able to use the link, go to, click on community, chat rooms and you will be there. Log in and we are going to be in the third room (SUDSOL Chat)!

And now you can use your iPad or Android! Download the free app to your device and when you launch, login to our chat directly by entering the chat ID 405.

Apple Store:

or Google Play: 
Joyce Pacer
Business Chat
Joyce Pacer
Business Chat