Business Chat is Wednesday Night at 9PM EST

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Business Chat is Wednesday Night at 9PM EST

joyce pacer
We will have a couple of guest speakers to talk about  a session they heard at their On Stage Event about Open Ended Classes.  We will discuss how to hold this type of event, the advantages and disadvantages.  How to plan and hold this type of event.  This should be very interesting as we are all free to openly discuss this type of class.  Please join us.

For those of you that can not attend the business chats, you can go to the chat room and read all the information from the discussion at your own time for several days after the chat.

To enter the chat room – visit the SUDSOL site, and click on Community and the menu comes down, click on Chat room.  Or you can visit directly by clicking this link:

If you are entering by mobile device:
(if you get an error screen – click through – this is a good link!)
The chat room is very friendly! If you are not automatically logged in, feel free to use the Guest option!
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Joyce Pacer
Business Chat