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Business Changes Anyone??

Charlotte Lindmeier
Our question this week is:
Are you going to do anything different in your business starting with this catalog?
I really like the new catalog format.  Many good changes that I will share with my customers as I give them their catalog. 
I am using a Catalog Guide for each of my customers.  I CASED an idea I saw recently on SUDSOL.  There is an index, and I added the new In-Colors in a chart format and included tabs for my customer to flag the items that would like to purchase and some 2x2 post-it notes.
My customers have remarked about the new bundle set up being much less convenient and I added my thought about the bundle icon.

I would love to know why the designers made such a big deal about the bundle icon, but then it doesn’t appear next to the stamp sets on the stamp set pages that are part of a bundle?  The matching die set is listed in 4 point text below it but no mention of a bundle.  We will have to be on the alert for people who order separately.

The bundle section is fine but you really can’t see the designs very well so you have to flip to  the stamp set page and then to the die set page.  If it is part of a suite, they direct you to the suite page where the images are even smaller, so now you have to find a third page and then the die page.  It really is annoying to do all this page flipping and does not provide an effortless perusal of the catalog.

They do like that items Stan out more, and better photos of dies and embossing folders, more samples and somewhat better organization.

Yes I sent this to ds.  They need to know what is said.

The smaller catalog is no help - still costs $7.35 to mail it.  It does not qualify for media mail because it is a sales catalog but I expect ppl do it anyway.
Charlotte Lindmeier
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