Business Builder Task: Try out your 30 second commercial

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Business Builder Task: Try out your 30 second commercial

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15 Minute Business Builder Task

30 Second Commercial

What do you do?

How do you respond to a simple question like “What do you do?” As trivial as it may appear, having an automated response that is descriptive an intriguing can make all the difference in the world! When people know what you do, you have a better chance of expanding your business.

In an earlier task you should have come up with your 30 second commercial. So today's 15 minute task is to practice it by actually saying it to at least 2 people today.

How do you do this if they don't ask you what you do? Use this opportunity on some of the people you interact with on a regular basis but that you don't really know personally, like the bank teller or the cashier at the grocery store. Here's how:

You can simply say… "Did you know that I…" followed by your 30 second commercial (in this scenario you might want to go with your shortest version). Think of yourself as the old granny that doesn't have anyone to talk to at home and goes to the bank/store for her social interaction and has a short conversation with the clerk.

It's ok, you're not looking to get anything out of this other than just being able to practice on a live person rather than the mirror. And of course, you never know where it might lead!

If you don't have your 30 second commercial yet, then take 15 minutes and create your own 30 second commercial; a nutshell description of what you do.

Example: I teach others how to tap into their creativity through rubber stamping for all kinds of projects including handmade greeting cards, gifts, gift packaging, scrapbooking and home décor

Needs some ideas? Check out these that have been shared on SUDSOL.

Be an Active Talker not a Passive Talker – Talk to everyone you meet.


  • Practice until it sounds natural and effortless, but not memorized.

  • Create more than one version with varying lengths (30, 60 and 120 seconds).

  • Speak slowly and clearly.

  • Keep it simple and professional.

  • Be prepared to elaborate or provide examples of accomplishments.

  • Let your personality shine through.

  • Vary the conclusion to meet different scenarios.

Business Share

Share who you practiced your 30 second commercial on today - especially if you didn't have the lead in of them asking you what you do.

Taking Time For Business

Time is a manmade concept. It’s a little hard to swallow sometimes, particularly since everything in our lives seems to revolve around it.

Many times you hear excuses that there just isn’t enough time in the day to build your business.

Each day SUDSOL recommends one 15 minute task to work on to help build your business. These are achievable tasks that you absolutely can do.

Take 15 minutes from your lunch break, after dinner, before heading to work, or some other time that works into your schedule – and tackle just one small task to help build your business!



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