Business Builder Task: Reflection

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Business Builder Task: Reflection

SUDSOL Leadership Board

15 Minute Business Builder Task


The only metrics that will truly matter to my life are the individuals whom I have been able to help, one by one, to become better people – Clayton Christensen

At Leadership 2013, Stampin' Up! president, Rich Jutkins, ended the evening with an inspiring reminder of what really makes Stampin' Up! a unique and special company in the world of direct sales: our genuine concern for relationships, for building individuals, and for enhancing quality of life. He emphasized that there is nothing wrong with financial benefits and other perks that come with being a demonstrator, but the real value of what we offer is building relationships and making a difference in the lives of others.

Take 15 minutes today, and reflect on the people you have met through Stampin’ Up! and have helped to make positive changes in their life, or who have positively affected you

  • Make a list of these people with a note about how they affected your life or business. Put it somewhere that you can see it daily to help reflect anytime you are discouraged, down, stressed, etc.

Got a few extra minutes? Stamp a special card for one or more of the people on that list and send it to them to let them know they are special and have helped change your life in a positive way

Business Share

Share a story on how someone you met through Stampin’ Up! has positively affected you and your business!

Taking Time For Business

Time is a manmade concept. It’s a little hard to swallow sometimes, particularly since everything in our lives seems to revolve around it.

Many times you hear excuses that there just isn’t enough time in the day to build your business.

Each day SUDSOL recommends one 15 minute task to work on to help build your business. These are achievable tasks that you absolutely can do.

Take 15 minutes from your lunch break, after dinner, before heading to work, or some other time that works into your schedule – and tackle just one small task to help build your business!



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