Business Builder Task: Recognize Your Downline

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Business Builder Task: Recognize Your Downline

SUDSOL Leadership Board

15 Minute Business Builder Task

Recognize your Downline

Have you given your downline a pat on the back recently?

Everyone loves to be recognized for their accomplishments.

Take 15 minutes today to recognize your downline.

Not sure what to recognize them for? Here are some ideas…

  • Top sales for the last month
  • Helping at your downline meeting
  • Bettering their best (competing against themselves versus anyone else)
  • Having x workshops in a month
  • Holding a charity event
  • Doing something that is a stretch for them
  • Achieving a goal they have set

Recognition doesn't have to involve time and money, here are some quick and easy ways to recognize your downline:

  • Send an email to the group recognizing them publicly (or do at your group meeting)
  • Send them a congratulations or thank you card (hand stamped, of course!)
  • Give them a phone call and just tell them how great you think they are!
  • Give them a special goodie (such as a package of materials from one of your classes with instructions to complete)

Don't have a downline - spend your 15 minutes thanking those in your life that support you in your business instead!

Business Share

Share with the group the various categories where you recognize your downline and what you do to recognize them!

Taking Time For Business

Time is a manmade concept. It’s a little hard to swallow sometimes, particularly since everything in our lives seems to revolve around it.

Many times you hear excuses that there just isn’t enough time in the day to build your business.

Each day SUDSOL recommends one 15 minute task to work on to help build your business. These are achievable tasks that you absolutely can do.

Take 15 minutes from your lunch break, after dinner, before heading to work, or some other time that works into your schedule – and tackle just one small task to help build your business!



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