Business Builder Task: Check your downline sales

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Business Builder Task: Check your downline sales

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15 Minute Business Builder Task

Check Downline Sales

How is your downline doing this month?

Take 15 minutes to look at your downline sales so far for the month. Are they close to the next commission level? Are they a new demo that may qualify for Quick Start Program Incentives?

Many times, demonstrators don't realize that just a little more in sales can increase their income (or other rewards) by quite a bit. There are several sweet spots on the SU! commission scale where increasing your sales by just a little can mean a higher percentage of commission on all of your sales for the month.

These SUDSOL Articles are great resources to look at to understand the various break points !

Here are the sweet spots where commission levels change or you earn other types of benefits to keep an eye on...


  • 300 CSV - start earning team commission
  • 600 CSV - bump in volume rebate & bump in team commission
  • 900 CSV - bump in volume rebate & bump in team commission
  • 1,200 CSV - bump in volume rebate & bump in team commission
  • 1,500 CSV - bump in volume rebate & bump in team commission
  • 2,500 CSV - bump in volume rebate
  • 3,500 CSV - bump in volume rebate


  • 10,000 CSV - earns bonus (plus additional bonus at each additional 5,000 CSV quarterly

New downline - Quick Start Program

  • 900 CSV in first 3 month earns bonus flex points
  • 1,800 CSV in first 6 months earns bonus flex points
If you've got downline that are close to the next break point, make sure they know!  There is nothing more disappointing than finding out after the fact that if you had just put in $10 more in sales you could have earned $20 or more in commission!

Business Share

Share how you contact your downline when they're close to the next level. Do you call them? Do you email them?

Share what you say to they know you're doing it to help them

Taking Time For Business

Time is a manmade concept. It’s a little hard to swallow sometimes, particularly since everything in our lives seems to revolve around it.

Many times you hear excuses that there just isn’t enough time in the day to build your business.

Each day SUDSOL recommends one 15 minute task to work on to help build your business. These are achievable tasks that you absolutely can do.

Take 15 minutes from your lunch break, after dinner, before heading to work, or some other time that works into your schedule – and tackle just one small task to help build your business!



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