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Blog Coop Time!! Sign up today

Costa Marazita

It's that time of the month again.  It's Blog coop time. Holiday's are just around the corner and why not increase your sales by providing a weekly post on your blog.  Articles can be used in a newsletter or blog.  We've had an awesome October Blog Coop.  We had 8 amazing articles to share either on our Blog or emailed directly to our customers, if you prefer.  

Let's aim for 20, I know we can do it.    

Don't miss the opportunity to participate! These co-op posts are only available to the members who participate by writing and sharing a post with the co-op.  

You have until October 20th to sign up and write your post.  You will be using these posts for your BLOG during the month of October.   Here are some ideas...  (First come first serve!)
- Christmas Quilt
- Glass Etching
- Tags and Trimmings
- Night in Bethlehem
- How to craft on a budget
- I love embellishments on my cards, but how can I avoid paying extra postage to send them in the mail.
- How to color ribbon.
- How to color bakers twine.
- Different ways to use Washi Tape.
- Xmas Home Decor
- 3-D Xmas treats
- Gift card holders
- Advent calendar

Additional post category ideas:
    Card Map/sketch & sample
    Scrapbook page Map/sketch & sample
    Product Highlight
    Pattern (anything but a card)
    Stamping Tips
    New Products
    Business Opportunity

What is a BLOG Co-op you ask?  It's where members each write just a single BLOG post to submit to the co-op and then have access to all the posts written by everyone else!   So you have a whole bunch of posts to pick and choose from to post on your blog or send to your customers via email.  This makes blogging so much easier and a great way to keep your name in front of your customers all month long.

These BLOG posts should be short and sweet, yet with interesting information that will prompt your BLOG visitors to shop with you!   Posts can cover various topics such as product highlights, card or scrapbook sketch/sample, techniques, stamping tips, the SU! business opportunity and more!
Try this new format out this month.  See whether you like it and give us feedback on whether we should continue a BLOG co-op format.

To join email with the topic you want to write about (to prevent overlaps) and wait for an OK on your topic.  Then send your completed post as a Word document (NOTE: No watermarks on images) by the 20th of the month to receive access to all the posts submitted for the month.  

NOTE: Since these BLOG posts are posted to co-op members BLOGs, please be aware that it is possible the same post will be visible on multiple members BLOGs at the same time.  The feedback we received was that this was OK as most customers are only viewing their own demonstrator's blog.

Sign up now!
Costa Marazita
SUDSOL Newsletter Coordinator