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Blast from the Past - Want it all? Have it all!

Ann Lewis
This week's Blast from the Past edition is from the June 2004 Stampin' Success magazine archive - Want it all? Have it all!  This is an inspirational story (Blaney Spinelli) for both recruiting and sales.  Don't forget to check out all the post as I have a great quiz for you as well.

Blaney Spinelli had been a demonstrator for more than three years before she started her team. And then she decided she would like to earn the cruise.   Realizing that recruiting would be key to achieving her goal, she changed two things about the way she ran her business. First, she began talking with everyone about Stampin’ Up! “I knew I had to ask people to become demonstrators if I was going to get any recruits,” she says. “I started taking time to tell my customers how and why I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and why I stuck with it. People really responded to my personal story.” Next, Blaney began introducing her workshops by saying, “You are going to have so much fun tonight you are either going to want to have a workshop for me or become a demonstrator. I just know it—you’re going to want it all!” Blaney feels that phrase—want it all—is one of the keys to her recruiting success. At the end of the workshop, she asks the guests, “So, did you just love this? Don’t you want it all?” Then she presents her “I Want It All” kit—the starter kit.

Yes, Blaney did earn the cruise….

And the quiz for this month is


OMG, I really love this stamp set.  I wish it would be 'unretired'.  But do you know what is the name of this stamp set and do you have still own it? Don't spoil everyone's fun by posting your answer.  Email me at with your answer and I will let  share it with everyone next fortnight.

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Ann Lewis