BST - Convention 2012 & 2011 recorded discs

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BST - Convention 2012 & 2011 recorded discs

Carri Miller
Hello all - I am cleaning out. I have a few things I need to 're-home.'

I have the 2012 and 2011 convention recordings.  They are in their original cases and the discs are in great shape. I have watched them all a few times - but they have been kept in great condition. The cases have no damage. I'm looking to sell or trade - I paid over $70 for each set and I would like to get $30 a piece for them. (I believe these can actually be mailed 'media' mail which would take a little longer but would be a bit cheaper)

I also have the backpack from last year - the white convention backpack. It was only carried for 1 day of convention - the day we received it.  I'm asking $40/OBO

I also have the previous years chevron bag. While I never carried this bag (I personally hated the colors!) one of the inside pockets was not sewn well and does need a few tacking stiches.  I'm ask $30/OBO.

Shipping will be your choice from zip 45502 or 45432 (which ever is cheaper!) Please contact me if you would like pictures or additional information.