August /December Mini arrived near Philadelphia

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August /December Mini arrived near Philadelphia

Phyllis Strickland
I received my demonstrator copy today.  Shrink wrapped with cardboard backing. Can’t remember if they did that before or if this is new because so many spring minis were damaged

Or they might have done it because a letter to demonstrators is included

Disappointed that it is that inconvenient horizontal format that customers like less than magazine format.

I notice I hear a lot more oh I didn’t know that is in there  and I have missed some  things which is unusual. It is more pages but I don’t think it’s that.

I’m very attuned to digital but there’s nothing like a catalog in hand!  A new customer told me she reads the new catalog like a magazine every night and post it notes the items she wants.  her husband says she’s crazy!  But we all understand. The catalogs are beautiful and filled with lots of good things!
Phyllis Strickland