Accountability Program we need more sign ups

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Accountability Program we need more sign ups

joyce pacer
I know that June is a crazy and busy time with the new catalog coming out, but this is the time we need goals and need to be accountable for them.  This program is a great support for accountability.

It does not take much time.  Just set a simple goal for June and July that will help your business.  One email a week to your partner and check in with me every 2 weeks to let me know how things are going.
When you need to stick with a goal, reporting your progress helps you stick to them.  Also, if you run into a problem, your partner can often help.

Come on ladies and gentlemen, come join us for June and July.  Give this a try.

Please email me at with any questions and your sign up.  If you could, let me know what your goal will be so I can pair you up with someone with a similar goal.

Joyce Pacer

If you have signed up and have not had a response from me.  If you used the above email address, it may have been lost in the Comcast address.

Joyce Pacer
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