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Accountability Partners Signup!

SUDSOL Leadership Board

Yippee!  Our Accountability Partners program is back up and running again!  Joyce Pacer is going to coordinate this program for us.  Many of you know that Joyce runs the weekly business chat & share.  She has helped numerous members with her saavy tips and ideas on how to work their businesses.  She will be a great asset to this program.

If you're not familiar with the program, here is a short rundown (Joyce will be posting more details later):

- You pick a goal to work on for 2 months (June & July). 

- You get paired with a partner (or two) to work with during the 2 month program.

- You work with your partner sharing what you're doing and holding each other accountable for each of your goals. 

- You communicate with your partner on a regular (at least weekly) basis and keep Joyce up to date on your progress.

It's a great way to have a buddy to keep you on track and keep you moving towards your goals.   Check out this article on how to set a SMART goal:  


To sign up to participate, email Joyce at along with the goal you've selected to work on.  This will allow her to pair partners with similar goals (if possible). 

We're excited to get this program going again with Joyce as the coordinator. 

So be sure to sign up right away to participate!

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board

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