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Accountability Partners Program

joyce pacer
Hi Everyone,
We are starting a new accountability partners program.  If you have a hard time staying on task with your goals, this is the program for you.

1. We will be matched with one or possibly two partners, depending on the number signing up.  This gives a personal touch.  You get to know your partner and you can help each other with suggestions and tips.

2.  We will meet for June and July.  August will be sign up month for the next round.

3.  Each team will report to me on how things are going every two weeks.

4.  Partners are expected to contact each other at least weekly.  More if you like, but at least once to report progress or snags.

5.  Keep goals simple.  This can be a couple of steps toward your big goal.
  As an example:  I will build my customer base to fifty people by the end of October.  That would be your main goal.  Now, break that down in steps on what you will do in June and July in order to reach that goal for the end of October.  Remember, Rome was not built in a day and your big goals will not be reached in a month or two.  We take steps to reach that goal.

Come join us.  This is very helpful to have someone to discuss your progress or problems each week.  It will keep you focused on your task when you report to another.

Contact me now to sign up at

Please sign up by May 25th.  Then I will start matching partners. and let you know by May 30 who your partner will be.

Thank, Joyce Pacer
Joyce Pacer
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