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Accountability Partners Program

joyce pacer
Hi Everyone,
I have agreed to take over this program because it has helped me in the past to make a goal and stick with it.  It was a good experience and doing so, I got to know and get acquainted with our fellow demonstrators.

I want to start this in June since this is an exciting time with the new catalog coming available for our customers.  This is an important time of they year.  I have found that setting goals is very important in our business.  The first few years I was a hobbyist and just fluttered around, being my best customer.  After I retired from teaching I was bored and decided to turn my hobby into a part time business.  It was hard at first until a coach told me that to succeed, I had to set goals for myself.  When I did this, it helped get my business off to a good start.  I know it is important.  Goals are really more of a business plan.

You can have the best goals in the world, but if they are not SMART goals, they probably will not be helpful.
If your goals are great and you are not held accountable, for most of us, they will not be reached.  

Having another person to account to about staying on task with your goals, will help you to meet those goals.  It is not only reporting your progress, but with a partner, you can discuss ways to help each other.

Come on, join us and give it a try.  I will try to match you with a person or two with goals similar.  When we get started I will check with you to see how it is going.  Then you will report your progress to me every two weeks.

Keep your goal simple.  If you have a big goal that you want to reach months away, take a few steps of this goal and spend the first two months completing those steps and then move on to the next steps.  Do not set goals that can not be reached, such as a new demonstrator saying they want to be in the million dollar club by the end of this year.  That just ain't going to happen!  Be reasonable.

Now that this is explained, set your goal and email me at and let's get started.  I would like to have all the sign ups by the last week of May.

Joyce Pacer

Joyce Pacer
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