ADMIN: Two SUDSOL Coordinators needed

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ADMIN: Two SUDSOL Coordinators needed

SUDSOL Leadership Board

We have two positions that we need new coordinators for.    What a great way to help out SUDSOL *and* get free time added to your membership!


The SUDSOL Leadership Board relies on coordinators to run the various programs on SUDSOL.  Positions are for the most part volunteer positions, but we do thank those volunteers for their efforts with a free membership to SUDSOL.  We currently have following positions available:


1)      Blast from the Past - This program looks at past copies of the Stampin' Success Magazines (we have them all online) and features articles that would still be applicable today.  The role of the coordinator is to identify and feature one article each week.

2)      Goal Support Program coordinator - This is an online support group for members who wish to work on a specific goal for a 2 month time period.  Members select a goal and then provide status on how they are doing on their goal and provide morale support for others in the goals group (more details are here:  The role of the coordinator is to take signups, work with the SLB to get the members into the private group, & provide weekly encouragement to the participants.


Each of these positions only requires 1-2 hours of volunteer time each week or less!


If you're interested in one of these positions, email us & let us know why you think you'd be a good match for the program.


Thank you,

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board

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SUDSOL Leadership Board
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