ADMIN: SUDSOL Mini-Poll - Social Media Frequency

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ADMIN: SUDSOL Mini-Poll - Social Media Frequency

SUDSOL Leadership Board

SUDSOL uses these polls to gather input from members to help improve SUDSOL (and also just for fun!)

We are trying to evaluate some of our social media programs on SUDSOL and knowing how often YOU are using social media (or whether you're not using it) is helpful to us.  We've only had a small number people vote on this poll.  Can you please take a minute and go vote for us - even if you're not using Social Media for your business?  That would help us out.

How often do you post business items to Social Media?

Please don't reply to this note, but instead vote on the SUDSOL Mini-Poll by go to the SUDSOL website ( and log into the Member Area if necessary. The poll is located in the right side, first block.

THANK YOU for taking the time to vote! This enables us to continue to provide great business and/or stamping related items on SUDSOL!

If you are having trouble voting (i.e. it won't let you vote) please contact with your vote.

Coleen & Patti
The SUDSOL Leadership Board
We're here to help if you have ANY questions about SUDSOL, just email us at



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SUDSOL Leadership Board
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