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ADMIN: MORE community members = MORE sharing

SUDSOL Leadership Board

SUDSOL = Simply Unique Demonstrators SHARING On Line


SUDSOL is founded on Demonstrators Sharing Ideas in a closed community to help our businesses grow.   The more we share the better community we makeAs a community, members who actively participate by sharing receive SUDSOL for free.   This also includes the sharing of information about the SUDSOL Community itself.  


MORE Community Members = MORE Sharing


Convention is coming up and we have a special opportunity for you to earn free SUDSOL time for sharing SUDSOL with non-members.  Not going to convention?  No worries, you can share with your upline, downline, sidelines, any demonstrator and get the same deal! 


For the month of July 2014 ONLY you can earn a free week of SUDSOL for every person  you recommend to SUDSOL when they do the SUDSOL Free 2-week trial and enter your name.


We’ve made this easier than ever before!  We have created a SUDSOL Sharing Kit for you to use to help you get information about SUDSOL to other demos. 


The SUDSOL Sharing Kit contains everything you need to be able to start conversations about SUDSOL and easily provide information about SUDSOL to non-members.  This kit is an electronic kit which provides resources you can print at home.


To get your SUDSOL Sharing Kit, just email and the kit will automatically be emailed to you (please allow 24 hours for kit delivery via email – check your junk/spam folder if you haven’t received it).


If you have any questions, just let us know!

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board

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SUDSOL Leadership Board
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