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ADMIN: Exciting new program changes on SUDSOL

SUDSOL Leadership Board

We’re making some exciting changes to SUDSOL features to better meet your needs. 


Our most popular challenges are staying:

-          SUDSOL Design Challenge - This all encompassing challenge offers a rotating variety of challenges including specific layouts, stamps, colors and/or embellishments. 

-          Technique Challenge – Allows you to try out techniques each week that you might not have tried before.

-          Scrapbook Challenge – With Project Life, we expect to see more interest in scrapbooking, this challenge will allow you to come up with great ways to incorporate scrapbooking into your business.

-          Pinterest Challenge – make sure you’re using this great social media tool to encourage your customers and get them sharing their creations with you too!


The remaining challenge programs – including Chat & Challenge are being discontinued. 


What this means is that we have some awesome coordinators ready to contribute to other popular programs on SUDSOL:


Our Business Chat on Wednesday evenings WILL continue.


We have an amazing number of patterns on SUDSOL.  Our Patterns Program will be featuring a new pattern each week and working on getting new/updated samples for patterns as we feature them. 


We are also refreshing our Workshop & Event Outlines program.  We will be creating potential workshop outlines a month in advance and highlighting them to the list for you to use in your upcoming workshops!   These outlines will show you how easy it is to pull from the existing resources on SUDSOL to create a workshop or class outline without having to reinvent the wheel.


Of course, we still have many other programs that are ongoing with no changes, such as:

-          Accountability Partners

-          Business Coaching from Ronda Wade & John Sanpietro

-          MDS Highlights

-          Newsletter Co-op

-          Question of the Week

-          Stampin’ Discuss Summaries

-          SU! Updates

We hope you enjoy these exciting new changes on SUDSOL to better meet your needs as a demonstrator.



Coleen & Patti



SUDSOL Leadership Board

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SUDSOL Leadership Board
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