2020-2022 In Colors Class Outline

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2020-2022 In Colors Class Outline

Anne Hayward

The 2020-2022 In Colors Class Outline can be found here: http://sudsol.org/member/articles/2020-2022-in-color-class-outline/

Last week there was a lot of discussion about our new In-Colors. How about sharing some projects using those new In-Colors? Do you have a favorite? What other colors will you pair them with?

Here are some ideas to share with customers.

Stampinpress created these cards showing off the new In Colors:

This pin can be found here: http://sudsol.org/member/blog/pin/75608/in-color-cards-ljf-nj-1590205449k8n4g/

BJ Peters created this card:

This pin can be found here:http://sudsol.org/member/blog/pin/75545/

BJ created this card as well:

This pin can be found here: http://sudsol.org/member/blog/pin/75547/

Tammy Wilson created these cards:

This pin can be found here: http://sudsol.org/member/blog/pin/75543/

We hope this workshop outline will inspire you while you plan for your upcoming workshops. All these projects have been pulled from the StamPIN Boards found on the SUDSOL website. Don't like one of them? Change it up by pulling a different project from the StamPIN Boards (there is a board for every stamp set) - that's what they're there for!
Anne Hayward-Outline Coordinator