2019-2021 In Color Class Outline

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2019-2021 In Color Class Outline

Anne Hayward

The 2019-2021 In Color Class Outline can be found here: http://sudsol.org/member/articles/2019-2021-in-color-class-outline/

These are the projects featured in my July newsletter.  In Colors and Butterflies!
If I wasn't already a SUDSOL Coordinator, I would have earned 1 month of SUDSOL time for sharing my class outline.  You can too!
Please attach your outlines as a word document as well as individual project photos as .jpgs to me, Anne at workshops@sudsol.com.  Please include the recipe for each project, a brief blurb about how you run the event, what you charge and any other information you might think would be helpful to others i.e. card stock dimensions, templates, etc.  Please submit projects using products found in the current main and seasonal catalogs only.

Butterfly Gala Floating Frame Cards:

Details here:http://sudsol.org/member/blog/pin/70437/

Easy Origami Card:

Details here: http://sudsol.org/member/blog/pin/70439/

Masked Butterflies:


Anne Hayward-Outline Coordinator